Thursday, August 03, 2006


girl: maybe memory should remain as memory.
guy: MEMORY, a noun for something being remembered. how do we make memory in progressive tense?
excerpt from the movie almost love (korean)

Augustine mentioned something about this thing call memory. how meaningless. memory is something that is no longer real. it is already in the past. so is what you think about because it has not take place. so we are in between two time zones that are not tangible/real. yet to God he looks at time differently. He sees the yesterday, today and tomorrow all together so which part of the time are we living in? is it all three together?
paraphrase from the book The Confessions - Augustine

it is always says what you do with the now is important because that is the only thing you can do. i always thought that is true but recently i learned that even the now will soon become memories. what is now in 1 second will become memories. why do life past by us so fast. no room to make mistake, no room to change our mind. can't we slow down time when it is all sweet and nice, pause when need to make critical decision, rewind when we want to enjoy the moment again.

no, we can't rewind. for now this 'time' thing will continue to be a mystery to us. but we can close our eyes and enjoy that moment again. it can actually makes you smile :)

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Well...there's a lot going on but I've been so busy unpacking... I actually didnt realize you msged me until I was shutting down my comp, sorry about that! I'm also having severe wrist pains so I am trying to rest up for a bit, hence the lack of updates. Will udpate once I get my room finished...maybe I'll post a pic too :-D