Thursday, August 17, 2006

raw as i am

i am really proud of myself. i have never learn html in college. i remember i told myself i won't take multimedia, i am so web programme idiot. so i stick with things that don't move, prints and publishing.

i wanted to change the design for my blog for a long while. i mean i am a designer you know. this finally triggers me to do so.

btw if you do not know yet, i just like this style. you will see it in a lot of my work. first discover it when i was doing ish. realised that i find it really really fun when i was doing the Love to Recycle issue.

from there after i could not stop using it for cd albums design and on publications. eventhough the same style i try to bring variation to each different client.

i called it the raw style. maybe it is because i was trying to make my mundane life more fun when i start seeing the aethetic beauty in these things we see daily. extremely enjoy the part putting all kind of things-cans, boxes, wood-on my scanner. or maybe it is because i hope that people will see the same beauty in me for trying to be myself. raw as i am - insecure and honest of how i feel.

these are jobs i do without redoing. honestly it is those once-seen-approved kind of work. i can finally say art is the inner expression of the artist.

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