Sunday, August 20, 2006

if you are not there, you will not remember :)

when i was still in school. i heard of friends that had so many bfs that they can't remember how many exs they have. some forget their names and some forgotten the order of their exs. i cannot understand how can one says that she has ever love this person once in her lifetime and not remember anything about him.

in my car the other day with the cassette player on.

justin: did you compile the songs in this tape yourself?
chaiyen: ya. do you remember i gave this to you for your birthday? this was one of the thing you returned to me when we broke off.
justin: i can't remember so long already. (10 years ago)

when he got down from my car, he snatched my cassette. it is his since i said that.

i thought, too much this guy cannot remember what i gave him. the next day i saw the cassette cover that was still in my car. i looked at the design. it was something that i could had done only in my college years. ooppss. no wonder he can't remember, it wasn't part of our memories. it was for another ex of mine ;P hehehe so i made him return it to me but i didn't tell him why.

i don't have too many exs*. only one hand full :)

* this includes the real and not real kind. also includes puppy love and to some unspoken commitment relationship. why this remark, it is because when i ask a guy this question "how many ex do you have?" they will normally not know how to answer me till i help them with this "including the real and not real kind". because to me i took every relationship seriously. i tried and i cried :)


Sam said...

Haha, think I knoe which tape is that!


Sam said...

Oh yeah, thanks for the iced latte just now.

Keeping me awake at the moment.

Appreciate you.


Anonymous said...

tt's so funny... u ought to be shot!

chaiyen said...

sam, you deserve it. hope you enjoy your birthday today.

shups... my mistake is still bearable now. hahaha i will try not to have too many more bf. below 10 i promise :)

Anonymous said...

LOL. Under 10? Haha...I have to say tho.... sometimes being single sucks...:P

Edmund said...

What in the World?!?!? don't you think "justin" has excess to your blog? I wish I knew you back then...I would have gotten a case of cokes!!! :P

chaiyen said...

actually, ur right. he might have excess to my blog cause he just added me to his msn where i publish my blog address. btw it is only 5 cans :)