Thursday, August 24, 2006

currently busy with this

i am currently attending this conference.

8am-7pm: conference
7pm-8pm: dinner
8pm-till dawn: work

and the cycle repeats itself for the next few days.

i will tell you if it is worth it the next few days to sacrifice my sleep. for now i just feel it is a blessing to see all of us who were once in youth ministry, now in all different stages of our lives praising God together once again.

p/s: dugong you know what you are missing :) we miss you.



oh you are at EO6, its SIB rite? one of the people from ps kelly's tribe there now--debbie duno whether you know.

Anyway, might be coming down KL on the 17th Sep that weekend till monday.

chaiyen said...

yes i know her and we had been hanging out together during the conference