Tuesday, August 08, 2006

the break-up

she comes back from work to prepare dinner for the guests that are visiting that night.
he lies down on the couch after a long day at work.

after dinner, she wants to clean up.
he is on the big couch again with his ps2.

you got a very upset gf because she wants some help. "i just want him to appreciate me".
you got a very upset bf because he needs to rest after a long day. "i throw my ass out there to work everyday so that hopefully one day you don't need to work. when i am back home i just need my space."

after that statement jennifer broke-up with the bf. she thought he will apologise and fix things up but he didn't. so she tried many ways to provoke him to action but things got out of hand. there is a point of time when a sorry would solve it but that moment doesn't last that long.

this guy and i watched the same movie together but we didn't come to term who is right. maybe the two species will never come to term with this. the fact is girls need to feel appreciated, guys need things that are in a box (tv, ps2, newspaper, bed) to destress them. both are right, both deserve to be upset.

i always wish that there is a movie that can help guys understand how we feel but after this movie i realised it doesn't help. he turned to me after the movie "you cry in such a boring show?" of course, in fact i can cry over every line. i go knowing what to expect for this movie and i get exactly that. i guess that is why not many ppl like the movie, predictable/everday life. eventhough we all know exactly what will make the guy happy but we hardly get it right because we are just girls. we need love.


deJelly said...

After dinner, she wants to clean up.
He's on the big couch again.
She stops cleaning up for a while.
Snuggles up with him, whispering, "Dear, later we clean up the dishes together?"
Guy whispers back, "Let’s finish this sitcom first?"
"Love you dear", girl replies.
Guy gently kiss her head and continue watching the TV.

chaiyen said...

1. first try/warning "we do the dishes together"
2. second try/warning "i love you"
3. the kissing is good but if the eyes is on the tv when he kisses her. haha... he just sounded the third warning himself.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh.. this post sounds all too familar! haha anyway, I've sorta come to a consensus w myself that guys are juz structured differently from the way we girls are.

The reply I usually get when I say, "dear i've got something to tell u", will be "ok dear, later k".. then he continues to play with his BOX.

Having said that, guys aren't like that all the time. At times, they do try, juz that those times are not that many in comparison to what we hope to see.