Tuesday, May 23, 2006

things went on without me

"I was stunned at how easily things went on without me." Mitch Albom

I was taught to be responsible since young. when i do one thing, i must always finish it. i think that things will fall apart if i just walk away. i realise more and more as i grow that i had thought too highly of myself. when i left ish the magazine continue to went on print, when i left my cell group that group went on, when i left my friends that group went on to meet.

this only explains to me that when i am caught up with things in life, it was only because i need those things to make me who i am. i need to feel busy and wanted. i need my friends more than they need me. i need my job more than the job needs me. the fact is we are all not that important.

if you ever think that do you matter to ppl. don't think because you don't. it is just that ppl had grown used to you. soon they will forget you when they find your replacement. when you begin to think this way you will learn that the world continue to moves with or without you. instead of asking them to change for you, you will have to humbly change to be accepted, to get your jobs and your friends.

how horrifying life can be when ppl begin to make use of each other. walk away whenever they want to and come whenever they need you. pathetically, i am part of that fallen creature.


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