Friday, May 12, 2006

i am growing younger

i was doing a body massage today and the girl asked me, "are you 18 yet?". just to make a double emphasize, the girl doing the massage for my mum asked "how old is your daughter, is she 18 yet?"

these three comments had come too frequent these few months.
1. you look prettier now
(mostly from people who had not meet me for a while)
was it because i put on weight, the make up, i dress up better now, the glow of love because i was in a relationship then... i dunno
2. you look like 18-24
(mostly from people who do not know me yet)
i am curious about this, when i was 16 i can already made it into the disco without the bouncer checking my ic. when i was 21 some said i look like 24. so what happen suddenly?
3. is chai leng your older sister?
(mostly from people who is not close enough to us)
okie some did say because she is taller than me and to be fair she came back with working clothes :)

i am just glad to receive such compliment. thank GOD i am growing younger. what you might not know is this, what you say of the exterior of a woman affects the interior of her more than anything. it gives her pride that she is doing well.

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