Monday, May 22, 2006

i do get sick

i am sick. besides my whole body aching, i am having running nose and coughing out green phlegm with blood. i think my throat is bleeding that explains the blood.

1. i can't really sleep early nowadays, therefore i had been watching dvds till 3am the week before. so that i will be dead tired after that and just fall asleep. i felt a bit of sore throat then.
2. on friday, i went to bangsar for some wine. then my friend brought me to another party at a pub in the curve which they serves me some liquor mix with lime juice. i had a few glasses. that night i felt the sore throat getting worst.
3. on saturday i wanted to do some sports, but i guess i overdo it. i went for my first body pump class, followed by a yoga class. i felt totally fine after doing it so i thought it is ok. i had running nose that night, my whole body is aching especially my thigh. i think i am dehydrated.
4. on sunday, i still went out the whole day for grease then for dinner and da vinci code. when i reached home i needed to finish some work for submission on monday morning which i only finish at 2-3am. that is when the cough comes and i conclude i am really sick.

i remember when i work like hell in singapore then, i used to get sick once or twice in a month with the same symptoms. nowadays i rarely get that sick because overall i rarely exercise, i sleep a lot and i am not that stress.

even though physically i am not so drain out, emotionally i might be. many ppl often think i am a very strong person, i guess sometimes i wish by getting sick i'll show them i am still a girl. a very fragile creature. stop breaking me!

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