Monday, May 29, 2006

emotions are not control by reasoning

"Though i speak, my grief is not relieved;
And if i remain silent, how am i eased?
But now He has worn me out;
You have made desolate all my company."


i was just thinking do you believe that Job can actually handle all the disaster that had hit him. losing his children, possession, health and so on but he was coping well. for all that had fall upon him he was really doing very well, until his friends came.

those friends that don't understand how he feels
those friends that don't know what kind of person he is all this while
those friends that add salt to his wound
those friends that he cares

i guess it will not hurt as much if they are just mere stranger
i guess it will not hurt as much even though they can't help but keep him company
i guess it will not hurt as much if they use a softer approach
those friends that he fought for when other gossip about them

maybe he couldn't see their pure intention
maybe that is what they understand so far
maybe he too had not explain himself very well
maybe it is just a miscommunication again

someone said "with friends like this, who need enemies". i grinned, friends and enemies they don't have a name tag do they? but if i start labelling ppl as my enemy, it will be very tiring isn't it. so maybe it is easier to just label everyone as friend and give them the benefit of doubt.

i had said the wrong things, shown the wrong gesture, used the wrong tone while comforting others. like ps lee choo said unlike those right word, right time, right place ppl; i am the wrong word, wrong time, wrong place ppl. so maybe i shouldn't be so upset. but i can't help it to admit i am hurt, i mean my tears are not listening to the reasoning of my mind.


Anonymous said...

I usually come across people who don't understand what we're going thru, why do we do the things we do, when we are down we really need someone to be there, what kind of season we are in, and etc etc etc. I hate the fact that they who want to know what you're going thru, never put much effort to pursue on digging out what's bothering in you. But well, humans are still humans. I did realised once I couldn't go on blaming them because...I,myself have never really put effort in helping out others. There are some things we just have to go thru alone...and alone is where we find out that we are not alone. A supernatural being is watching. I agree that our emotions are not controlled by reasonings...let's put it this way, we are God's best creation, but we are flawed because we are still humans ourselves, striving to learn and be molded each day. This is the reason why some say life sucks. Any hardships, let it be emotions or feelings...are painful. Thanks for sharing...I pray that you will not just stay on this phase of your life now...but get something out of it. Take care!

Anonymous said...

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