Saturday, May 20, 2006

9 1/2

01. the insider
02. big fish
03. a beautiful mind
04. forest gump
05. gandhi
06. notting hill
07. shakespeare in love
08. love actually
09. gone with the wind
10. seven*

for the last 10 days i had been catching up with some old dvds. in a way i had only watch 9 1/2 because seven was spoilt, i only managed to watch till the second murder. from the range of love to inspiring to life to classic to comedy. all those good movies that i had not watch because i was single then. i don't normally go for movies when i am not attach because i don't go to cinema alone, thus i won't even know what movie was on screen.

a change of perspective again. hollywood is indeed real, if not it will not stir up so much emotions. what i mean is if not it will not be able to show us how we feel. but what might not be true is it uses the stories of many lives and put it into one story. therefore the drama, the extreme but that is still life and i am sure many of us can relate with it.

* in the order of most inspiring movies but seven is exempted because i had not finish watching it.

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