Wednesday, May 17, 2006

do not judge a book by its cover

i had been keeping a diary since 1996. it is all on my shelf now following the order of the year. you can ask me every crush i had, every date, every little words that had been said, almost every dream i remember, everytime i cry, every touching sms i received, every small to big things that happen in my life. it is recorded. i write really a lot, when i have things unsaid, when i have no one to talk to, when no one understands, when i want to think aloud... i just write.

as if a girl memory is not good enough, i have to keep a copy of it. i like to read it once in a while, i laugh, i cry, i smile when i read it but life was more simple then.

if i read through every diary there will be some good times and bad times. this diary that i have up there is the nicest diary i have in my collection on the external, i felt that it is unworthy of its content. i have not find a single day that i want to remember in it. i ask myself isn't it good if i wake up one day and have a partial lost of memory. i had been using it since the beginning of this year and i am glad i am finally on the last page of the diary today.

may tomorrow be a new day.

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Anonymous said...

It's hard sometimes but i guess you have to step up and take courage to move on. Someone has.

No point dwelling over the past. You're right.. May tomorrow be a new day.

I hope you move on smoothly.