Monday, May 01, 2006

i am such a baby

i was all prepared for something very chim when i read The Confessions - Augustine but i am glad it is more bearable than lewis. even happier to find out that it was not another book written to men but prayers uttered to God. a mere reflection, it is really beautiful.

I have been told that I did this, and I believe it, as we can see other children do the same; but I do not remember my own early tears and smiles. And by and by I came to perceive my own surroundings, and perceive my surroundings, and conceived the wish to make my wishes known to others, so that they could fulfill them. But in this I was frustrated, for my wishes were within me, while the bystanders were outside, and none of their senses enabled them to enter my soul. So I could trash around my arms and legs, and make noises, which I intended to be signs bearing some resemblance to my wishes; but such poor signs I could make bore no true resemblance to them. And when my wishes were not granted, either because those around me do not understand me or because what I wanted would not have been good for me, I grew indignant to find that my elders were not slaves, only to wait upon children; and I revenged myself upon them by fits of tears. My own experience of babies has been enough to teach me this is typical behaviour. Without ever having known me, these babies have taught me that I too was like that...

But I found that I could not in this way communicate everything I wanted to everyone I wanted. So whenever they referred to me to something by name, and in mentioning the name made some gesture towards the object in question, I took a firm hold of it with my memory... I began to string them together in sentences of my own, in order to convey my own desires. And so it was I came to share with those around me the signs we use to convey our wishes; I entered deeper into the troubled waters of human society...

excerpt from Book 1, The Confessions - Augustine

And again we have to always learn to communicate to another in his language. in a way we have to always learn another language. i am bad at this, maybe i have bad observation skills. ppl often get me wrongly. i think i am from another planet. when will i ever find my own.

from the mammoth that had been living with the squirrels, from ice age

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