Friday, April 28, 2006

i gambled

yesterday i make my first entry into the casino in genting highland. my dad was my tour guide. he brought me from table to table telling me 'about the game', 'how to bet' and 'how to win'. it almost felt like a master discipling the next


('the' removed, sounds better)
my confession, i gambled. not only today but i do. i play mahjong with some of my friends like twice a month. i feel very skillful when i win and of course i enjoy the conversation that exploded in the course of that game. i believe that gambling is not a sin. it is mere foolishness if we are to spend all our hard earn money in it. therefore i think we should not confuse new believers like my mum 'i thought we cannot gamble? i told your aunties the other day and they got so angry i became a christian'.

anyway life is a gamble in itself.
1. all the TIME you put into something that you hope to see results you desire but it doesn't necessary happen. it always happen to the person next to you. those who doesn't need the money. that is when you learn that life is not fair but you are still in the game.
2. you sulk but the more you sulk the more you lose. if you keep a good spirit luck might turn around (i haven't master this yet).
3. one more thing you learn, you never say 'I REGRET' when you lose because you already make the choice when you enter the game.

i will introduce to you now the biggest gambler, JESUS CHRIST. crazy as He is, HE first chooses to die for you and me even though we haven't choose to believe in Him.

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Anonymous said...

See! Isn't that creative? You can use gambling to share about Jesus. Cool =)