Tuesday, April 25, 2006

why do i want to start blogging?

01: i no longer share life with another therefore the liberty to share not fearing that i interfere with another privacy and pride.
02: many from the little island on the south had demand for more emails and i guess i do not need to wait anymore till i have a life changing event to type one. save me the time from sharing about 9 months ago when we meet.
03: blogging in machamps had definitely trigger some interest.
04: to overcome my fear for bad command in english is to face it. cheaper than going for class.
05: my new attempt to learn html since i am 25 and my bro said that even 5 years old can do it.
06: hopefully people will really know me as i am.
07: for someone.

* honestly i do not know why i want to start blogging, maybe it is not even any of the above. i guess something new in life always keeps you excited.


Anna-Rina said...

eh, blog to release tension also laa. hahaahaa!! if we all start blogging, then we no need to meet up for our yum char sessions liao. die la. haaahahah!!

Anonymous said...

meet... must meet. it is different when we meet.