Thursday, May 18, 2006

i won last night

i stayed up to watch the champions league final barcelona-arsenal last night. i watched it at a mamak with big screen. i like the game very much because every game is like a life story itself. the thing is i only stand by my team and cheer for them throughout as if that is the life i am fighting. i know nothing about the player, the position or the fouls. worst still, i was not even watching my team, man u play yesterday. but like any ABU team (Anything But United) i sat there as an ABA team (Anything But Arsenal), once again my spirit was on the field fighting for a war within me.

at the first 18th minute my heart goes out for Arsenal when their keeper was given a red card. if i'm Lehmann i will be really sad, playing for the whole season and now he cannot play for the final. worst still for Pires who had to sit at the bench for the rest of the game so that the substitute goalkeeper can play. the question "why me? it is not my fault. i want to play for the final."

anyway they lost, so they can either be glad and say "thank God i didn't play so it is not my fault they lost" or "they lost because my manager never put me in, we are short of one man, our keeper haven't play for a whole season..." or whatever excuses but they lost.

the reason why the game last night was good or why i always like man u in particular is because they have this magic. i never give up on them even on the last 10 minutes. Barca had the same magic, when all seem hopeless Eto'o put in a goal on the 76th minute which leads to another goal later.

this 90 minutes game is how i perceive life most of the time. don't call me to give up, you never know what is going to happen at the last 10 minutes. and hope is what drives me till the end of the game, if only life is shorter.

* I am not a football commentator, i was just talking about life. if you want to know more about the game, please read.
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