Sunday, May 14, 2006

that presence still lingers

i don't know why songs like one voice and lord pour out your spirit always draw me back to the time when i was on my knees praying with a group of young ppl that had the same heart cry. we were interceding for our city, for our friends... very rarely for ourselves maybe because we couldn't see the fact that we can end up in this stage now. honestly until now i still do not understand if i am in the stage of spiritual maturity (when my religion is no longer bound in the 4 walls of the church) or derailment. i could not judge exactly how we are doing individually but the external, we are all scattered, with different opinions, we can hardly agree with anything important anymore.

while we were singing i went on my knees, i entered in my mind the room that we were once in to catch that spirit.
"God let those we prayed for then, those who were saved, who were healed, who were weak but strong now. God let them pray for us now that who are weak. at least we know some are remembering us in prayer when we do not have the strength to do so ourselves.

won't you also bind all of us who were there once again. those things that used to bind our hearts together - the knowledge that we are all ragamuffin, the fact that we all genuinely care for each other, the part that we all share the same dreams, the joy of seeing YOU in each of our lives. God removes all the complication of adulthood, remove all the miscommunication and doubts that had come between us. help us that we can see eye to eye that we may dare to enter each other lives once again."


Anonymous said...

i was deeply moved when reading this, you managed to capture the way our hearts feel at this very moment, so weak...but yes, still wantin to fight...let us indeed be one voice again...thanks for that post..

Anonymous said...


i read your blog and it really spoke to me.. i too felt really moved.. Thank God for blog posts like yours to bring me into self reflection. God Bless you. :)

chaiyen said...

that presence don't we just miss it.