Thursday, May 11, 2006

i went out with the greatest player

he always has his ways around girls. he stared at me from his classroom everyday. our first conversation was "can you be my girlfriend?" he had gfs at two different seasons he courted me during high school. but there are just his ex, he claimed. i knew what kind of guy he was but somehow he made me believe his love for me is real. that is my third ex bf.

we went out for three months. despite the kind of person he is, i totally trust him. he makes me feel very secure because he tells me everything. one night, we were in a very minor arguement and he said maybe i will be happier without him. it was so minor i couldn't believe we broke off. that was when i learn that guy never say they want to break up no matter how much they wanted it.

the night after, my friend saw him with another girl. yes i know all about it before that, that girl likes him but he didn't told me that bit he didn't mind. so we met the following day, i reliased then of course the minor arguement wasn't the reason we broke off but still it ended up really pleasant. we were still friends and he called every now and then when his gf is not around. there are many things that he said that i still remember till today but this is remarkable:

"you are a good wife. the best woman i had ever meet. but not enough for me now because i need sex. when you turn 27 and you are not married yet then i will come back to marry you. if you get married that year, watch out at the door of the church i will come and take you away."

i was only 17 years old then. you know it will never happen but this guy just has his way around to make you feel like the most wanted woman in the world. girls hate guy that lies, not if you are as good as him. he has his way to make you feel really loved no matter what he does even at the point when he is with another girl. i lost his contact when i was in singapore and i had never seen him again since then. but i do hope i will see him again. a cup of tea and give him a chance to make me feel on top of the world just for one more day :)

it is horrible to feel that someone cheat on you, but when you think he loves you it doesn't matter anymore. that is what a good player do, they never make you cry.

* this entry has no intention to embarass him, i dedicate this entry to him because i can never forget him. and if he is married now, sorry his wife might had to take the fact that he might sleeps with some other women out there but don't worry he will never let you know. better than those stupid guys that never sleep with anyone but make their wife think that they did because all they can say is "you don't trust me and there is nothing i can say". trust me, this man can makes you happy for the rest of your life and you will believe on your death bed you are the only woman he loves.

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Anonymous said...

lol.... I had no idea that you could learn so much from a player? ;) Hope you're well!