Monday, August 13, 2007

my dad is officially worried

1. my dad speed back from dinner so that the guy doesn't need to wait for me because he was already at my place waiting for me.
2. my dad told my sis not to be a light bulb because she said she wanted to watch rush hour too.
3. my dad asked me when i came back at midnight "never go for supper? only movies?"

ok, my dad is officially worried about me not getting attach. though i told him, it is just a friend. i don't think he believes.


Anonymous said...

HAhahhahahah! just hope he doesn't arrange some sort of fixed marriage for you... haha!

chaiyen said...

no... no way. he is not that crazy.

Anna-Rina said...

wahahahahaha! damn farnee :p


Oh you are attached! congrats kekkeke!

chaiyen said...

yah i never even mention how my whole family stare at him when his car is outside my house.

NO kimmy, im not attach. only attach to my work now.

Anonymous said...

can i laugh? can i really LAUGH OUT LOUD??? yessss it has come to thatttt... pp being worried... sigh... whahahahaha :p *eho*