Friday, August 10, 2007

i love you vs i want to be with you

we don't like to tell the truth so ppl make assumption.
we tell the truth but ppl still make assumption.
they decide to keep the truth to themselves.
but hey suprise, they expect you to know their good intention.

i remember how enlighten i was when the 17 years old boy gave me the answer to 'what took guys so long to tell a girl they like them?'. he said 'because girls avoid you when they don't like you. i'll wait until i'm 100% sure they feel the same before telling them. even then, there is a risk. if not what is the point. what is the point of letting them know i like her if she is doesn't feel the same.'

erm? the point is you tell someone you like them not because you want to have them. am i shallow or guys are? i live in this world long enough to understand that i don't always get what i wish for. therefore i'm also a firm believer that eventhough i might get rejected if the other person doesn't feel the same. i should feel honour that i took the courage to tell him how i felt, it might not last long but he deserves to know. the same with the guy, he should never be repaid by losing the girl as a friend after taking such a courageous act.

why do ppl mix up 'i love you' to 'i want to be with you'? and yes guys hate this. when they couldn't understand why a girl ever say 'i love you, but i can't be with you'. but whitney sings it, didn't she? they believe that is an excuse. maybe. but maybe it is just true. the theory is like how so many of us hate to sit behind the cubical. but we still do it because we need to pay our bills. so why can't the opposite be true? maybe we both know we are from a different world and it will never work. so as much as it hurts now it is better not to go deeper and get more hurt.

if someone tells me that i will accept it. yes, i am able to receive the answer of 'no' and it will help greatly if i know the 'whys'. trust me i understand what it means by 'it wouldnt work between us'. do i look like some stupid ass that will live with a husband that doesn't love me. and so which part of being friend means i'm not letting go? why don't anyone believe that i just want to be friend? didn't we end the relationship so that we can be just friend?

as simple as 'X boyfriend' to me means '>boyfriend<' (X on top of the boyfriend word) no longer a boyfriend material. to some, it means ' boy >friend<' (X on top of the word friend) and ego boy (man wannabe, childish) in them still stand. boring. sorry im not talking about my ex bfs because im still friends with most of them. im talking about guys in general because it seems to me, none of them just want to be friends. as much as they hate how girls avoid them after they express themselves. they are the exact replica of what they hate. or unless they are just being very honest, not wasting a minute with the person that are not in their potential list.

now what i can say to that is: you think to highly of yourself that one cannot control herself when you see her too often or you will sent her the wrong signal if you continue to be her friend. EXCUSE ME! wrong signal only happens when you don't tell them the truth. i don't get the point. why you should be afraid after laying down the points. now are we dumb or we just don't understand why truth are spoken sometimes. it is so that you DON'T need to read between the lines.

maybe because we are in malaysia. i find it amusing everytime i drive pass the curve. yellow lines, 'clamming zone' board and 'no parking' stand every steps of the road. how many times we need to make a statement so that it makes sense.

When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone. oth
am just looking for friends. if you love complicated relationships, spare me. i don't need anymore of that.


soolin said...

hey chaiyen check this out, this is in tokyo itself, not far from anywhere central. quite nice, not the cheapest though. been there once b4, it's actually in a shopping centre.

valeriechuan said...

once a guy friend told me" what guy's scared the most is to lose a friendship, that's why they dont confess unless they're 100% sure"

i guess that applies too?

chaiyen said...

erm only when they are 110% sure hahaha