Thursday, August 23, 2007

handle with care

my baby is officially scarred. sob sob

sometimes you pass your heart to others and you expect them to handle with care. they don't mean to do so, but they drop it once in a while by accident.

ok i still love my sister


Anonymous said...

Well, the scar helps you remember the person too... so everytime u see the dent, u'll remember ur sister. How sweet. :p

deJelly said...

now everyone knows who dropped it

= P

Sam said...


Which sister tho?


chaiyen said...

little sister. which honestly helps me a lot. well i guess she helps a lot, so once in a while she can make some mistakes. so i never really scream at her. but still sob sob, my poor baby

Anonymous said...

it's a sign!!! time to get a new phone... haha