Sunday, June 03, 2007

all rolled into one

as a love expert by accident i get to hear many stories. especially at night, ppl tend to get more vulnerable and emotional. under desperation they like to throw their love stories to me. not that i can help, most of the time they just needed someone to share the weight of that emotions.

i enjoy hearing all the stories, emotions and feelings that comes with it. i concluded these are the common phase most lovers go thru:
1. the feelings of falling in love and recognising the symptoms. the obvious and not so obvious list.
2. the agony of waiting, guessing, reading signs and keeps talking about her.
3. the short lovey dovey till the fight, apathy and misunderstanding creep in-- the whole package that comes with it.
4. the break up and unresolved heart, or the patching up and making out.
5. the dunno-why-my-ex-behave-like-this phenomena
6. the waiting or the getting over it
7. the new crush (tips to get hook) and how the whole cycle starts all over again

none of the stage are enjoyable when you are in it because none of us can bear with the not-knowing-what-the-other-party-is-thinking part. the whole quest of wanting to know and be known. it takes two very willing soul to bare their hearts, two very humble mankind to lay down their pride to allow another into their life. until then there is no point of going through the whole cycle from one person to another. it will never come to the happy ending, well unless of course you are willing to settle for the second best.

so yah that was the lover part of me. this song suddenly came to my mind this morning:

I'm a bitch (pretty vain bitch),
I'm a lover (so in love with every love story)
I'm a child (a little girl when i want to be pampered),
I'm a mother (when i need to take care of my sis)
I'm a sinner(when i'm all rebellious),
I'm a saint (when i think of Him)
I do not feel ashamed
I'm your hell, I'm your dream
I'm nothing in between
You know you wouldn't want it any other way

So take me as I am

since the day leng got discharged from the hospital, the mother part of me amplified.

i need to prepare lunch for my dear sister, the world knows when i cook it is news worthy

i need to make sure she eats her medicine, loads of them... that must be the biggest pill one had ever need to swallow

and watch dvd with her. the little child part of me was awaken while watching the movie, it's a boy girl thing. i was drooling over kevin zegers.

man... he looks good every angle especially without his shirts on plus the long hair, sexy


deJelly said...

that yellow thing looks nice & cheesy!
= P

chaiyen said...

not bad for a beginner :)

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed Chaiyen! Looks like u'll make a good wife! :p

Anonymous said...

By the way, I also went to re-read ur posts about relationships. It's still interesting. What's your latest thesis topic? Hahah...

chaiyen said...

muahhaha.... i am no where a good wife, a wannabe yah. since you are so interested, i will put some thoughts in that :)