Monday, April 16, 2007

starbucks experience

sitting down there surrrounded by a bunch of guys 5-10 years younger than me. brain washing them that starbucks is better than coffeee bean, recommending java chip that replaces one of my favourite, rhumba frappucino... and taking orders whipped cream or without? grande or venti? as if i work there :)

then indulge in my favourite topic excitedly since i have new brains and a new experiment group. fun fun...
what are the kind of girls you like: fair? tanned?
to me fair girls look very fragile but i guess guys like that probably because they feel more man because a girl need their protection. i like tanned girls, they look more outgoing and independent."
so will you tell your leader if you like any girl?
"(not that i am saying you have to) but if you tell your leader when you like a girl that is because you are accountable to him. but if you tell him only after you know she likes you, you are just informing him."
so why will you not tell a girl you like her until you know she feels the same?
"do you know most of the church girls nowadays have this mentality "i am not going to think about it" until you tell me you like me. so you won't get a hint and she will never know. isn't it? maybe that explains why there are not much relationship happening in churches today."
don't you think a girl notices you more after she lets you know she likes you? so why wouldn't you do the same?
"ok i understand that some friendship might be spoilt if it is not fully developed, but then telling her you like her is probably not even true then. assuming you are really friends, i think a mature person ought to respond nicely ("i like you, but i am not ready yet", "i don't like you, but i enjoy your friendship". if she is not mature enough to answer that, she is not ready for a relationship. unless it is you who doesn't want a friendship, i mean if it is true "i don't want to be just friends". i mean if it is that shallow to guys, there is no such things as "friends" between guys and girls... that is too bad.)"

they opened up and it was fun. like i said i always like talking to boys. they spilled quite a bit of things, claimed i hit the bull's-eye and concluded yinhuan, their cell leader brief me before this and hired me to dig out their worms. shhh... individual reports on the way huan.

end the night on the 70th floor of swisshotel, new asia bar. surrounded by big wide glasses, standing on top of a lighted up singapore reminded me of the feeling of standing in casa suite. it is beautiful. yup it is beautiful though my baileys were diluted and service was horrible. i am not an alcoholic* but the night was still young so we went for second round at chijmes.

reminiscing the good old days. somehow my heart is very soft in this beloved land of mine. memories will somehow mushroom up. not that all the experiences are here, but i guess this is why it is call home.

*my answer is no to all the questions except that i do drink alone now when i watch dvds at night. give me a break, i need some company when i watch One Tree Hill.


retiredpainter said...

haha what's w the tiny fonts at the bottomlines ;p

mm.. ya champagne tastes like sparkling apple juice

chaiyen said...

i am not an alcoholic*.

*my answer is no to all the questions except that i do drink alone now when i watch dvds at night. give me a break, i need some company when i watch One Tree Hill.