Wednesday, April 11, 2007

why i want a son instead of daughter?

1. i always feel more for my boys than girls in the cells i used to lead. somehow or not their progress in life excites me a little. up to date yumeng still talks to me on msn and ivan still calls me out. not the girls, maybe that explains why.
2. not to mention the list of things i need to be fearful of when it comes to a girl, but if it is a boy i won't mind he falls, makes mistake and fail.
3. i like toddlers in general but i can imagine how much more fun it will be to dress up a cool cute looking boy. i definitely like to see that image of my hubby playing cars, ball and gun with the boy. a boy that sees his dad as a hero. that to me is an image of a happy family.

i mean that is if i am given a choice because i only want one kid. but i am sure any child of my own is just superb.

that having said, i love sara too

finger sticking in, sara's trademark

go for the camera
tongue sticking out, samuel's trademark

this photo is priceless, i told you it is hard to get both of them to smile at the same time

he got 5 teeth now, he makes noise when you are slow to feed him the next spoon. he crawls extremely fast if the object of his target is food

but just a confession, i like samuel a bit more :)

if you know how much i nap a day. you will be startled by the amount of time i sleep a day. with so many of such uneventful day, i myself find it rather amusing as well that i had still not run out of things to blog. i really have quite a train of thoughts or it is true a woman really need to verbalise a certain quota of words a day. blogging hd shown me i had quite recover from the fear of speaking and being mistaken, also i had probably rise above the fear of writing though im still not not that great in it.

maybe i am just bored but i am pretty sure as well i am entertaining quite a bit of ppl that click on my blog 3-7 times a day. i definitely never fail you because i've tried to make sure there is something new everytime you click. sometimes i do wonder who is more bored, you or me haha.


Anna-Rina said...

nice pictures :D they're both sooo adorable :)

btw, sorry about replying your sms soooo late. work has been CRAZY this week, will def wanna meet up with you girls next week!

love the new look btw, something diff la hor? :D see ya soon!

chaiyen said...

no prob. thanks for replyin, if i'm you i might had just forget to reply :)

ya see yah soon, hopefully before my bangs grow too long.