Tuesday, April 03, 2007

sorry is not about who is wrong

i used to hate guys that say sorry unsincerely. i mean to say sorry just for the sake of making the night easier to get by. i was talking on msn with someone.

he: hey do you think i am egoistic
cy: not really, why do you say that?
he: cause she said i always start a problem and blame it on her
cy: oh that is not really call egoistic. i have to say i think you are a bit cold though. a bit explosive
he: yeah... suddenly just explode and not talk to me
cy: i mean you... try to be a bit more gentle while talking to girls. don't always shut them off when they are talking halfway. so what are you going to do?
he: i dunno. maybe i'll just let it be. we both need some time to cool down. anyway she said she doesn't want to talk to me anymore
cy: if you still want that friendship, just apologise. fact that you are asking me, you do know you are not really right. girls don't like a sorry that comes after 3 days
he: if i say sorry, she will think that she is right and she is going to do it again
cy: up to you. if being right is so important to you

when i said the last line. i suddenly realised how profound i am. i do like to talk to ppl a lot, because at many times i really feel like i am telling myself things i need to hear. quickly i went to dictionary.com and typed out the word sorry.

sor·ry [sor-ee, sawr-ee] –adjective
1. feeling regret, compunction, sympathy, pity, etc.: to be sorry to leave one's friends; to be sorry for a remark; to be sorry for someone in trouble.
2. regrettable or deplorable; unfortunate; tragic: a sorry situation; to come to a sorry end.
3. sorrowful, grieved, or sad: Was she sorry when her brother died?
4. associated with sorrow; suggestive of grief or suffering; melancholy; dismal.
5. wretched, poor, useless, or pitiful: a sorry horse.
6. (used interjectionally as a conventional apology or expression of regret): Sorry, you're misinformed. Did I bump you? Sorry.

i just realised then that when you say sorry it doesn't really mean you are wrong. it means that you are the one that is more sad and sorrowful the friendship/relationship is in such a stage. i guess it only tells who treasure the relationship more. therefore i always question those guys who wait a few days to say sorry. what are they thinking?


Anonymous said...

Recently, I found myself questioning people "Are you really sorry?" and "Did you really mean it?"

So was interesting to see your post... hehe :)

chaiyen said...

ya... so what ru looking for when they apologise?

valeriechuan said...

sometimes i guess it's just that they are guys and somehow being more egoistic bla bla..so saying sorry seems difficult for them i guess..
and probably instead of saying "sorry",they do something else to show that they're sorry...
hmm..can be anything..
but i guess basically if you understand what kind of person the guy is and if u really care about the relationship you would just forget it and move on and see how things go;it will be either good or bad....

chaiyen said...

i don't believe in sweeping things underneath the carpet and i can't wake up pretending nothing had happen. well if he doesn't say sorry, i guess i have to say it... in any case if i still want that guy. sigh why are we so in love?