Wednesday, April 18, 2007

how do you move from a crowd to a candidate

what catches girls attention to what they consider in order:
1. prominent guys

*whether you are famous for the good or bad, i guess that is why rebellious guys, top student, worship leader get the chics. you need to be outstanding to first get the girls attention.
2. good looks, good body or dresses up well
*it is an either or, better still all. so if you don't have the former pls make sure you make up with the latter.
3. knowledgable, street smart and decision maker
*you get extremely attractive when you seems to know everything but watch out, too much of it makes you a poser. just make sure you spill your wisdom accidentally. always have a list of where to go, standing on the street not knowing where to go is bad.
4. a man with a great heart, that talks and shares quality time with you
*girls like man that listens and talks. a great heart that is not necessary perfect but always trying, whether they change or not is a different story. it is too late when they know anyway.
5. rich: security of the future and i guess that it makes easier for you to be sweet
*if you have a car, a house, a great job or a rich dad. i have to say most girls will feel that her future is secure. follow up from the third point, if you are rich i guess it helps to impress her by introducing a lot of first into her life. but remember work out from the top because there are loads of old dying billionaire out there, you ought to have some of those qualities up there to beat them.

what catches guys attention to what they consider in order: (1-3 depends on the circumstances)
1. dresses up well and good posture

*i don't mean sexy but dress up everyday like you are going to meet the person you like. if you dresses up well, you will not go unnotice. often time, i feel that the girls that looks good most of the time can be easily mistaken as pretty. then they will look out for the way you stand, walk and talk.
2. good figure
*as far as i know this is the order: hour glass body shape (assets), firm body or skinny girls. even if you don't have all all that, just make sure you don't have a protruding tummy. that is a no-no (why do you think i am working so hard on my abs).
3. good looks
*we can't do much for this, i guess we can work on the first two if we are not. at least that is not the the only thing they look at.
4. interesting characters
*how you can stand out from all the other pretty girls is your USP. you need to like and hate some things. "anything" is boring. if you do things that most girls doesn't do, you are more interesting. eg: watches soccer, likes chocolates, loves chicken wings...
5. convenience
*end of the day in this lazy generation, you need to be seen and be close enough. if you are just one pretty girl, there are loads out there. you need to happen to be their friends then you will get a chance. so meet more ppl, make more friends.

the order are the sequence of things that run through the mind. for a guy eg: they will miss out pretty face but they never miss out short skirt girls (that is not what i mean by dresses well, the lack of better illustration). and if you don't look good, at least they will say you have boobs. of course it is subjective to individuals. we might drop one or two in between but this list are mainly about how you stand out from a big crowds to be a candidate at all.

"i show no pretense but if a girl wants to put me on a white horse that is up to her" the player from the movie someone like you.

the whole attraction thing is shallow and superficial, but at least you get their attention to exhibit your real qualities. i mean if you have any at all. if not you might just get lucky, that someone chooses to love you as you are. ok i had spilled my beans for your sake, now i need to work a little harder *grin*. don't give me the nonsense that i don't need to be like someone else or God has someone for me. i totally believe this but for goodness sake pls help that person spot you and do yourself a little good by having a few more choices so that you don't jump on the first person that approach you as a sign from God.



don't get obsessive larrr...

retiredpainter said...

haha interesting post! ;)

Pauleon said...

wa biang. from crowd to candidate. how pro is that title.

anyways, i think your list of what guys look out for is prolly the most superficial stuff. like the really at first glance, first 5 seconds type of thing.

ya i agree if physically not that great a bit hard to start attracting attention. but you missed out pretty face! i think that one quite important ler. but true la, most guys is looking at figure. but good figure with gruesome face = cannot make it.

i still feel very important to have good character. that's really attractive. i always tell people, whoa this girl is attractive.. but not physically pretty. attractive.

chaiyen said...

hahahah. yup i am talking about first glance. so that he will wants to look at you. and yes if she has good figure but 'cannotmakeit' face, that is where they stop le. at the end of the day i think everyone has something good that is attractive, just need to be noticed. thus this entry is merely to help you till that.

soolin said...

i like what you wrote, apt title, right to the point, the simple and shallow truth of the matter. And yes i'm like that too. i remember my fren went on a blind date and i went along with her, when i first saw the guy i was dying to go off and when i think back i know i won't want to date him, having said that, his character is alright, just too quiet and too typical. i guess all of us can be shallow at times yah? =)

chaiyen said...

yah we just know it don't we :)