Saturday, April 14, 2007

the not so obvious list

de·ni·al [di-nahy-uhl] –noun
Psychology. an unconscious defense mechanism used to reduce anxiety by denying thoughts, feelings, or facts that are consciously intolerable.

for whatever reason you find yourself not wanting to accept this fact. you try to deny it. your actions betray you and the thoughts keep coming back. an additional to this list.

the not so obvious list you are in love
1. the only phone number you remember from the back of your mind is hers. but you try to think of other alternative so that you don't need to let her know.
*how you remember someone phone numbers in this generation when all you do is press click on the name to call is when you had been looking at these numbers for too long but don't have the courage to call. or simply that, you call her too often so those numbers keep appearing on your screen.
2. you check her blog first thing in the morning after you wake up, when you reach the office, before you go for lunch, after you come back from lunch, during tea break, before you leave your office, first thing when you get home and one more time before you go to sleep.
*you check someone blog once a day if you are a reader. you check someone blog 3 times a day if you like to read what they write. but when you check that many times, you are dying to know about this person.
3. you blog more often or not for her to read. but you don't want it obvious, so you use all the he, she and women to keep it general.
*you want the person you care to know how you are doing.
4. when you care, you try not to show you care. so instead of asking her, you wait anxiously for her to tell you.
*you will just call if it just another friend. there is nothing much to hide or think about.
5. when your friends told you something is going on between the two of you. you shun it away and say "never". then you try to avoid her. but you know every night you are thinking about it.
*you only avoid a person #1 when she likes you and you don't feel that at all or #2 you like a person but you don't want to feel that at all. if it is #1 you will have no part from no.1-4 above.


my question "why not?". if you can answer this question and make sense out of it then so be it but if you can't stop denying, drop that ego and face it. maybe, you are in love.

Sometimes people play hard to get to know that the other person's feelings are real.Brooke Davis to Haley from OTH

or sometimes they don't want to believe it is that person because you find no reason to love this person. but hey that is love. you don't need a reason to love.


deJelly said...

this post is killing me..

Sam said...

Haha, dead too.


chaiyen said...

wasn't meant to kill... suppose to make you live :)

Pauleon said...

eh i think u shud start using bloglines ( u just go there and u have a list of people's blogs u subscribe to. and the ones updated are bolded.

that way, you dont need to check other ppl's blogs 3 times a day. hahaha.

and hence ur check people's blog how many times a day means u like that person theory is void.

chaiyen said...

i think every genuis knows that he/she doesn't blog 7 times a day, for eg if she has already posted 2 entries that day. just that checking his/her blog is probably the closest thing you can get for some ppl. so even if i checked specifically for someone's blog to see if it is bold, it carries the same meaning.

make sense? you are attach, you won't remember pre relationship syptoms.

Anonymous said...

Haha.. good one.
You know what i meant rite ;)