Tuesday, April 03, 2007

i want to know 'me'

i like to ask ppl what do you like and not like about me? more interested with the later because i want to know how other ppl view me. but of course i prefer it when it comes from ppl that i trust and i feel care enough to correct me. i don't take it very well when it comes from stranger pointing a finger on me when they only see half the picture. anyway i am so bored i actually visit this site after reading shups and steph results.

Archetype Test Results
The Catapult (ISTP)
Handy in the real world manipulation of objects and events, this personality type is easily enthused by practical projects. Once gaining the interest of the Catapult, a project will be quickly and sometimes maniacally dealt with. That energy however will be invisible to those not witness to it. Abrupt is a watchword of this personality. (you mean the abrupt departure?)

Spontaneity is important to the Catapult because it never quite knows when inspiration will hit. Because of this, it often ignores or conveniently forgets rules and boundaries that limit its freedom. This need for freedom extends even to the personal sphere and though this personality is kind and gentle, it will often be hard to pin down to a monogamous lifestyle. When discussing their need for freedom, the Catapult will most often resort to non-verbal means to express itself.

Because they tend to verbalize so seldom, Catapult personalities can be seen as phlegmatic or impassive. In moments of high tension they can often surprise those around them with a lighthearted or humorous remark. Many engineers are found among this personality type, as well as mechanics and paramedics.

Because of their facility with the physical world, this personality is often found among sports that require dexterity, such as motorcycling or hang gliding. Inveterate realists, Catapults will rarely have time for flights of fancy or unproductive discussion.

Constraints on the freedom of a Catapult personality will be regarded as a personal attack, since the use of their problem solving abilities during the thrill of the moment is of prime importance to them. They are problem solvers in their personal and public lives.

Because they are constantly re-evaluating their surroundings, this personality type will rarely accept any one rule of thumb or explanation for a given situation. Every belief is provisional, depending on the nature of the world around them.

Strong emotional situations can be confusing to the Catapult personality and this is the one moment when they will tend to take a pause to understand and ruminate. Feeling strong emotions can be confusing and will tend to throw this personality out of alignment. In a romantic relationship, this personality will try to solve problems as a way to show caring. This is usually not the best way to show caring. (i am so dead, yes relationship is not something to be solved chaiyen... stop bringing up issues. then you will realised there are not much of a problem. sigh)

Although they can be intense in their desire for freedom the Catapult can often find solace in the routine of living with another person. This is the one area of life in which they can find comfort in the familiar. Talking about feelings is not a high priority and can initiate the 'trapped' feeling that will result in a major relationship disturbance.

If you are a Catapult personality you might want to spend some time looking at the big picture. Try to think about the long-term goals of your life and not the excitement of the moment.
(opps!) You also should make an effort to see other points of view, even if you think they are unproductive. You need to understand that there are many ways to accomplish the same goal, and while your methods are best for you they may not be best for everyone. (i heard the last line before and i was so hurt by it. I NEVER SAY MY WAY IS THE ONLY WAY, JUST THAT YOU NEVER RAISE UP YOUR VIEWS... sob sob always get screwed for this. ok i need to learn to say "what do you think? *smile and wait patiently*")

Often Catapult personalities can forget to give praise where it is due. You might try to remember to compliment your friends and neighbors from time to time. Relationships should never take a back seat to your hobbies or short-term goals. And remember to voice your feelings, even if you think that others should be aware of them. Often other people place a very high value on the spoken word, and a few kind words from you will make all the difference.

i was so bored yesterday but i couldn't sleep. i toss and turn on bed for so long, there are so many blog entries i came out with on my mind. very interesting indeed. look out for:
1. how could i live without you
2. click - i want a fast forward to:
3. surprisingly more gfs than bfs now
4. i knew it, they will not stay for long
5. why i want a son instead of daughter?

one more. i just got a job from FHM. meaning i will be seeing chun girls hahaha. this is gonna be so fun. and when i told one of my girlfriend, she asked "are you serious you are not into girls?" i am... hahaha i am so into them.


deJelly said...

hey.. if you got too much work can sub some to me k??

or you want anybody to teman you go for photoshoots..


= P

chaiyen said...

ur getting more and more honest. so man hahahah, growing up.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thought you might find this interesting, if you dont already have it ;) A different link to your archetype, from the original authors.


chaiyen said...

sam, i got that... but i don't think this really tells about me. anyway all these are just for fun. am not reading too much into it.