Tuesday, April 10, 2007

bad boys vs good boys

PLAN A: 3 things i thought i can do to make him stay
1.commit suicide or at least pretend to do so
- then i remembered how he said "it is one of the most stupid thing i'd ever done, the cleaning up process in the hospital was painful."

2. get drunk and throw myself at him. make out to make up (girls hate this line btw, but sadly guys think that it works).
- then i thought if he gets up next morning sober and tell me that was a mistake, i'll be so dead. "i lost my virginity and my gf on the same day, that's sucks" mouth from OTH.

3. let other guys take advantage of me, hopefully he will be the hero that pull me aside. then i can use the famous line "since you don't care about me, why bother?" and have him answer "i care"... happy ending
- then i thought if he doesn't come thru, i will look like another slut out there

don't ask me how i even consider this a solution. you think of loads of things when you are desperate. furthermore the 1-3 up there works for many of my friends. WARNING: plan A only works in the first week of the break up when he still feels for you. even though i did a whole loads of foolish things. i think the 3 things up there hit the top ranking stupidity. i didn't want to force him to stay even though there is a theory that sympathy can be develope to love again. anyway, since i didn't take this route i ought to be taking plan B.

PLAN B: 3 things i can do to make him regret
1. don't talk to him ever to prove to him i don't need him at all
2. up my social life and tell him i'm so much happier without him
3. find a good looking guy and prove i'm better off without him and he is the one losing out.

i never took plan B either. i called, i cried, i drove guys away. i don't know what i was thinking. i guess i didn't take that route either because i don't need to prove a point, to me that is pure ego. i just wanted to say all i want to and not live with the regret i had things unsaid. all right, i have great imaginations. bear with me for a while, most of us took one of this route: plan A or plan B subconsciously everytime we broke off. i am writing it down for you in case you need a plan when you break up.

that covers the 3 type of ppl in this world:
1. the good boys
- they rarely hang out and are waiting for that one girl to come along
2. the wannabe bad boys
- they just want to look cool. they mix with the players, but they are actually looking for long term relationship
3. the bad boys
- they are looking for short term relationship, not wanting to commit. any girls will do

so most of the plan B ppl end up to be in category 2-3 on top. most of us that had a whole sets of values rarely end up at 3, unless too deeply hurt. i consider myself as category 2, the wannabe. it is good for a guy to be in this category because girls like bad boys and when she finds out that you want a long term relationship, she loves you all the more. but it is a horrid for a girl to be in this category because the good boys think that i'm not good enough for them and the bad boys think that i'm not pretty enough for them. sigh.

why do bad boys get the girls?
1. they go for the girls
2. this is the worst they can get, so at least they are real and we think we already know the full them
3. it is about the sample size. eg: they go for 10 girls. chances of getting hook is definitely higher than the guy going for 1 (evangelism theory)

this is the maths yin huan and i came out with
christian girls = a
non christians girls = b

bad boys go for a and b : good boys go for a
10 : 1
100% : 10%

bad boys go for x amount of girls at one go : good boys go for y amount of girls at one go
50 : 1
100% : 2%

bad boys' chances : good christian boys' chances
100% of 100% : 10% of 2%
100/100 x 100/100 : 10/100 X 2/100
1000/1000 : 2/1000
1000 : 0.002

so what are your chances good boys? no wonder the good boys can say "God brought us together when they get attach", it is indeed quite a miracle.


Sam said...

One of your best posts yet.

To the good Christian boys. Muahahaha.

Girls as well.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting post... :) Haha...

chaiyen said...

what sam? i had wrote so many posts and this is the best. all that i had done was in vain hahahahah.

shups! which part the top or bottom or both hahahaah.

Sam said...

One of the best girl.

Keep it up. Its sad that its hard to find good guys. Well, theres still time. Haha.


shups! said...

the whole blog la! hahaha... it's always interesting to read what someone else think about. Heh...