Friday, June 08, 2007

top 10 ways to keep you awake

had been sleeping in average a total of 6 hours, breaking that down to morning sleep and nap. but amazingly i am still very awake. so now let me share with you the secret.

1. not work at all one day in a week
you will be amazed how you can go another week after that one day rest

2. have a power nap
or even just close your eyes and lie flat on the bed

3. get a massage
my little sis, 14 years old skill is on par with the thai girls. i really don't know where she learns that

4. read all the hot news on HELLO! magazine
a smile lighten up your day.

5. make a super cold aik cheong iced coffee
coke will do too. dependant on your mood. cold and sweet stuff does keep you awake. i change my cold drinks every hour.

6. have a part time bf
company him for the movie while i take break. i was quite sleepy in the beginning, but to see such good looking couple get together is worth it. i mean to see them two kiss is unreal. the proposal was cheesy but still i buy that, so romantic hehe... anyway where on earth can you find two such good looking person come together?
(oh brad pitt and angelina jolie..., anyway did i say this before? at the mention of brad's name after the movie troy, i can't stop seeing the image of his sexy tight butt, i really feel like grabbing it. now i really believe how powerful images can be).
he companied me for dinner as well after my long day of work tonight. that was very sweet isn't it, who says ex can't be good friends again. always thankful to have him around especially when i need a part time bf, FWB (friend with benefits) muahaha... well we make use of each other but we are cool with it. suitable for non committed, lonely and busy ppl like the two of us.

7. check some blogs
however the clicking thing works. just click some bookmarks.

8. let your mind go wild
sitting down here to type a blog or scribbling some stuff on my diary can be quite therapeutic.

9. do some crazy things
like removing the hairs from the leg of the birthday boy.

4 guys pinned him down while i do the simple stick and peel thingin. honestly i havent use this thing before, i cannot believe a guy use that before me. he should consider that an honour. anyway that sexy leg is not his. though we dont really spent a lot of time together now but being there at james' birthday is a simple sign i'm still here sharing life with him. it is like a milestone for our friendship and the amount of victory for man u.

10. sing-a-long
let your itunes run on random and just sing-a-long. hahaha though this is an extension of crazy things. singing it loud can make you even more awake. recommended: dying inside to hold you by timmy thomas, i will survive by gloria gaynor

up and coming
1. shrek on sunday with huay phing
2. birthday party at velvet with my new gf next saturday, she actually invites me. meaning, i'm had been quite a nice company, isn't it? how sweet :)
3. sleep, i need to sleep...

not sure what is my purpose in life now but i'm definitely making full use of my time.


blurred esh said...

i echo almost half of what you wrote there.. esp the drinks part. yeps, sometimes a cold coke does the trick in a cold freezer office.

yet to find a FWB.. but some of them almost fit the title.. hehehe.. ;o)

chaiyen said...

hey fay, do you need to work late?? or just keep yourself awake in the office hahaha... and i know who are your FWB muahahhhaah...

i have something interesting to blog about... but tonight im not going to work late. so i'll leave the theraphy session till next. need some rest over this weekend. zzzzzz...

blurred esh said...

sometimes when i'm rushing for deadlines. working on 5 projects at one time is bad bad bad.. even more when i'll be on holiday for 3 working days. hahaaha

my FWB..? hhehehe.. oops.. *terleaked kah?*