Monday, June 25, 2007

the real man can fix their relationship

this link drafted out the reason why girls get jealous more often than guys. it is pretty similar to my theories so i decided to highlight them.
1. girls are more insecure of themselves
2. knowing what they are capable to do, they project those behavior on their boyfriends.
3. guys do not know how to keep their girls informed. not good in telling the truth when question, so badly they sound like they have something to hide.
4. someone cheat on her before.

then to this other link, excerpt of the book the secrets of happily married men by dr scott haltzman. i felt that was a pretty interesting thought to be highlighted.

"My wife and I just can't agree on the right way to raise kids," he said with a sigh that gave away his frustration and resignation.

"I didn't want to separate, because I think it's the coward's way out," he was quick to add. "But I just couldn't figure out how to make things better."

... i had something important to say to this man. Here's the short version: You're a creative man who has a marvelous knck for fixing things. If something's not working in your car, you figure out a way to fix it. If you can't, you find someone who can. You've stuck with your car when most owners would have sent it to the trash heap. You have real sense of commitment and a knack for getting things work. What makes you think you can't use those same wonderful qualities to save your marriage?"

It's obvious to anyone who studies male behavior that men demonstrate extraordinary skill in sales, mechanics, politics, medicine, finance, construction, and many other areas, So why is it, i have wonder, that when it comes to problem in relationships, men resign themselves to the fate, act helpless, and give up? After long thought and study, I think I know.

For too long, men have been told they are relationshipincompetent. Maybe that's what you've heard, and maybe that's what you believe. I'm telling you now, loud and clear, it's not true. You are competent.

ok the rest of the book is pure boring, maybe because it was written for man.


Anonymous said...

well, have you ever considered, maybe relationship is harder than finance,mechanics,chemistry,physics.the variables are never predictable,the results never correlated to effort.AND have you considered,the many other things that men are good with,they deal with rational,and less-than-the-most-complicated-being in the world? :P Well, again, men still love to do it. Thank God for making women :)

chaiyen said...

well maybe then getting your girl fix makes you the most man. knowing her inside out, knowing what she thinks just by the expression on her face and i'm sure like any machine of yours, you will get it after a while.

so does that make you a guy? :)