Saturday, June 02, 2007

today i qualify to be the big sister

it is friday night, i do not need to rush my work tonight because i have the weekend to finish it so i decided to be a really nice sister. despite the nurses saying no electronic devices, but everyone is using their handphone there anyway so heck it. i sneaked in some entertainment to kill her boredom. apple went visit my sis, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. not forgetting the snacks that are in the drawer. honestly i'm really not sure why this ppl bring titbits for her? so here we go.

first thing, make sure we pull the curtain around. for cinema setting pls off the light

next, let's put up our auto chair

wah, finally... nice. this is my break too you know. sorry joe, only one set of ear piece. you just see picture.

TIME BREAK she has got guest. so i went out to take supper with justin. too many cup noodle in a day, i need something different. now the second entrance will be more drama. that is sneaking into the room at 11pm. long overdue visiting hour. pass the guard, in the room, behind the curtain... phew. safe. opppsss... sshhhh... i can see the leg of the nurse behind the curtain. quickly i lift up both my legs, making sure she doesn't see mine. 1, 2, 3. door close.

the movie continued. this time it is pitch dark. honestly this is really fun.

door open, nurse came in for medicine time. "eh you got to go you know." "ok." just nice. we are done. it's already 12 and i just finish partying with my sis. now it is bedtime... zzz.

2am my house phone rang. i had to admit i freaked out. turn out it wasn't that bad, my bro's car cannot start and he is in kl. thank God we have AAM. honestly this rm60 annual fee is super worth it. call them anytime and they will come rescue you, flat tyre, battery dead, accident... highly recommended for girls that doesn't have a boyfriend but also for guys that know nuts about their nicely polish car. and yah mine is insured to me not the car. so it helps no matter whose car i am in. i just need to jump over to the driver seat when they come hehehe. this card had saved me and my friends quite a few time. i'm so glad i don't need to drive to kl to help him, if not indeed this is a FRIDAY news. good night.



thats sweet :) i like that about an apple a day haha..

Anonymous said...

eh..what movie u all watch??

Btw, send my regards to leng. By the time u read this, I'm already at Andaman Sea.

I still owe u 'Memories of Bali'...

I've watched it already.......super depressing....not ngam me la!!! Hahaa....will pass to u when i come back. Take care

chaiyen said...

we watched Bee Season. no prob, just pass it to me when you come back.