Wednesday, June 27, 2007


things to do before the week come to an end
1. massive clean up and sent to print L.I.F.E. booklet for lindy (124 pages)
2. HELLO! july issue (102 pages)
3. HOT! and HELLO! rate cards
4. conceptualise the whole dinner, look for wedding photographers and bridal gown for my client
5. COTR corporate identity

coming in next week
1. 3 parkson booklets for bluinc (90 pages x 3)
2. close HELLO! july issue

and i need to face it with this:
due to my neck injury, i need to lie down straight on the bed every 9 hours. if not they will be a peircing backache. all the best wongchaiyen

still hoping to
1. finish reading Hillary Clinton's book
2. meet yili for lunch in klang
3. read my bible
4. go to gym tomorrow morning (which is most unlikely, don't want to make a show tomorrow by being the first person to faint in a rpm class)
5. finish my OTH season 4, start grey's and 24 season 6


blurred esh said...

dont forget coffee in between..

i just drank a cuppa at Balck Canyon - Centerpoint

its nice.. especially the ones with rum.. ;o)

chaiyen said...

of course without coffee how to keep myself awake.