Thursday, February 08, 2007

valentine's day

i meant to write a new blog for you everytime you click on it. but i had been so tired the last few days. doing photo shoot from 8am-5pm. i shall not go to what time i slept and had to wake up. anyway i was so tired, i can sleep at the train, when i stand at the bus and even when i am talking to someone. i feel this dizziness in my head. i just got my work approved and i am starting another marathon of work but here you go.

ps law: so chaiyen, why ru here? did you come here to celebrate valentine's with anyone?
cy: no ps, i came to escape valentine's day. i don't want to feel lonely because no one call in kl, so i came. i won't be going out with anyone, i will make sure i off my phone that day ok.

i just got a call yesterday, i got an appointment on the 14th at 6pm. i am a little nervous.

btw try not to blog about your valentine's day. yes, don't show me how happy you are with your date. i might cry.


Anonymous said...

u're already booked on 14th!?!?? wah rau thot can jio u out sia... boringz!!!! ahahaha ;p

chaiyen said...

:), tell you more when i see you.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... no no, no Vday plans at the moment. Unlike some ppl hehe