Monday, February 26, 2007


am watching the oscars live now. it is quite a good feeling sitting here knowing half of all those i know are at work now.

i need to catch a few movies:
1. the departed
2. letters from iwo jima
3. babel
4. dreamgirls
(will add more soon)

Jennifer Hudson, one of the finalist of american idol won the supporting-actress Academy Award for "Dreamgirls." there came one of the most touching line: "Oh my God, I have to just take this moment in. I cannot believe this. Look what God can do." america never choose her but the oscars did. why i am touched, i am to know that the disappointment of today can still be something to celebrate tomorrow. *smile*

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Edmund said...

Don't watch babel either! I don't understand how they won so many oscar. Granted Brad and Kate did a fine job but I think the whole "hair monster" thing is quite unnecessary. You'll know what I mean if you watch it...