Friday, February 16, 2007


i know what she means. i had been checking a few blogs as well. wanting to get into their inner life but i guess as much as they doesn't want me to be part of their life, i am not getting it.

i had not been blogging as much because i am entering into this phase that i am super super down.

fantastic: i write and i talk non stop

very good: i talk non stop

good: i talk

ok: i talk and i stone

down: i write and i stone

super down: i write non stop

super super down: i keep quiet

how i know it? that night i was quite moody. a very kind soul asked me this. "want to go out? we can talk." my own answer took me by surprise "no, i want to drink. i don't feel like talking." know what you are asking for when you ask me not to blog.


Anonymous said...

*hugs* :)

deJelly said...

i'm here...
i'm down and up at the same time...
it's frustrating.

wanna hang out??

chaiyen said...

jelly, if you are going house visiting on monday and tuesday call me also. i don't think i can do the movie 'song & lyric' in the evening cause i am having my cny dinner. unless i finish early... i call you ok. i would love to watch that movie and 'the holiday' anyone?

Sam said...

Allow me to join house visiting too!

Theres no house to visit here.

But Im trying to make the best out of it.

Miss you guys.


chaiyen said...

poor sam. nvm i only have one bridge session with them at ps house. the rest are movies with your bro, my new movies partner.

Sam said...

Haha, yeah.

Gosh beer is cheap here.

Eh, Heroes really killer man.