Sunday, February 04, 2007

thinking about you

1. i didn't know i need internet so much. the last few days, i kept thinking of what i want to blog. anyway, i run out of things to do at home and i started on a new series.

2. a girl came up to me after church on friday. "are you chaiyen?". "and ur... (because i don't think i know her)". "hi, my name is m... i read you blog". if someone is introduce to me and she recognises my name that is a wow. but someone saw me on the street and asked me if i am chaiyen, that is a double wow. i think i am famous now or i had just post too much of my photos recently. i think i need to stop. in case i get some stalker like peyton's drama and i won't be that lucky to have a lucas that is there for me all the time. opps did i leak something?

3. this guy i have to say is very, very nice. i need to credit him here even though he doesn't want his name to be mentioned. as usual in singapore i always have ppl sending me home. on friday, i am about to take my public transport back but it was too late to catch the last train. so i took a bus back to the the west with him. the last stop is in front of his place. you won't believe what he did, he companied me to take another bus that past by my area. we are still quite a distance and he walked me home. when he reached my place honestly i really dunno how he find his way home. i can only say, it was a really nice long talk. i wonder why we never take a cab but i'm glad we didn't. yes, if i had not told you this. it had been freaking cold in singapore, come to think about it... it was in bangkok too. what's wrong with kl huh? i really enjoy walking at night but of course it is a bit dangerous for a girl to do that alone, kind of glad he was there yesterday. and he said "why aren't there girls that like to walk with me like you here."

one remarkable on from him:
y: you need to sell your car so that you will have more chance with guys in kl. then they can sent you home.
cy: that is a brilliant idea.
y: oh no, don't sell the car. give me the car :)

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