Monday, February 12, 2007

word study 4: pimpin

according to the urban dictionary

1. when somone is wearing nice clothes
2. to have the right clothes, in the right place, with the right hoes.
3. when someone is getting all the girls (guys)
4. a boy (girl) with alot of Girlfriends (boyfriends) that KNOW about each other and don't mind
5. thinkin outside the box. not havin so many gurls on hand thats not pimpin. so pimpin is just bein you and dont care wat other people think 'bout you!

am very curious what are you refering me to?

other recent nick names:
hot stuff
miss popular
Dr Love
the expert
guys magnet

ok the secret is out.

i am amused by:
1. the amount of ppl that came up to ask me
2. most amused by x asking me is it y and y that is probably thinking i am going out with x
3. being me who hate to be misunderstood, found the joy of writing. writing on purpose to mislead and to cause the reader to want to know more :)

single emphasis' day plans
1.30pm: lunch with my ex editor, kelley
6.00pm: interview with josh's boss. that is why i am nervous.
7.00pm: i finally agreed going out with my cousin since he doesn't have a date. but i was kind enough to tell him, if you find a date last minute just tell me. i do have other girls to spent the night with.

somehow everyone is pushing their appointments to wednesday. either they are lonely they need to make themselves busy on that day or life just goes on as usual for them that day. i choose to think it is the latter.

one more joke
cy: is your boss single?
josh: yah
cy: oh... what if he ask me "on that night, actually let us do your interview over dinner?". is he like trying to look for a date on that day hahaha... ok just joking.