Monday, February 26, 2007

question does not always follow by answer

we often think that when we choose to be truthful it will do good for everyone. but i come to realise that besides myself not having the need to make up stories for my lies, i can see no other good. i mean it doesn't cause others to trust your good intention or open up to you or heal your broken heart. so why do we choose to be truthful again? must be i'm just lazy to make up stories.

am i a very idealistic person? i just wish that people can be very honest with each other about anything. being honest without being judge. especially people that really care for each other. what makes a person that raise up issues about their relationship the one at fault? aren't we suppose to raise up issues? are those couple that never raise up issues happier couple? similarly are christians that question less a believer? is struggling from insecurity a problem to be solved alone?

ask and it (answer) shall be given to you. maybe it doesn't apply to human.

little girl: mummy, how do you and daddy make babies?
mum: *blushing* you will know when you grow up.

girl: can we talk?
guy: no!

cy: can i know who you like?
q: no!

i am feeling a bit emotional now, i really feel like writing or talking. there are great loads of things inside me i need to sound off. a lot of which i do not have the permission to write about or i just do not have the liberty to sit down and talk to the right person. do you think, one day i will just give up talking all together? hahaha maybe not, i am so talkactive.

FAST FACT: the water in singapore is so clean, i can use it as my saline for contact lenses. i am running low of solution. need to go get them :)

FAST FACT: in japan, the family of the deceased get fine if he jumps into the train station to commit suicide. so if you want to die, choose singapore.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, was looking forward to ur emo post :)
Hey, I still believe that the truth will set us free, juz some technicalities involved eg, WHEN, where, how blah blah...

deJelly said...

being truthful lifts a certain burden,
the burden of hidden stories.

but it also leaves us naked,
vulnerable and alone,
because not many are naked.

let's hope for more to take 'em cloths off!

= P

chaiyen said...

take, take, take it all. :)


they usually choose a cheaper rail to jump, according to my japanese friend. as in e cheapest fine one.

you prob write a song better if u are deeply in love or heartbroken, i think the latter is more geng, but then normal also can write la.

i was watching oscars in the office also, who say working people cannot watch? =P

chaiyen said...

ok le.. you and elaine very geng can watch oscar from office. oh ru serious there are different range of fine hahah. i think normal normal feeling that time very hard to write a good song.