Wednesday, February 21, 2007

a sinful weekend

i didn't go for church service over the weekend instead:

envy: i sit down there and take my time off to envy the the beautiful endings of the few movies i catch.

greed: i had been gambling - blackjack, mahjong and tai di. i attempted to win.

gluttony: i had been eating great loads of fattening, oily food.

sloth: i had been sleeping a lot and my waking hours are left laughing my heads off in too many meaningless conversations.

anger: i refused to go to bed at night. i was extremely upset with the stupid president in 24, another of my dvd series.

lust: i had been taking beer, red wine and brandy on the rock at home. a new lust for alchohol.

pride: i had not forget to surf on my freetime. am very proud to be the owner of my new macbook.

it had been a very fun weekend just doing absolutely nothing. considering others drag their feets to go visit their relatives that they cannot connect with. i am thankful i have a big big family that i enjoy being with. we grow up in the same house, we used to play barbie dolls, lego and hide-and-seek in the whole flat. as if the way we talk is not loud enough, we have two additionals to our circle this year. cuteness.

meaningless talk turn out to be quality time. sometimes purposeful talk can turn out to be meaningless time.


deJelly said...

"meaningless talk turn out to be quality time. sometimes purposeful talk can turn out to be meaningless time."

how true.

Sam said...

So true.

Im gonna miss mamak soon. Wootz.

Taman Sea!


Anonymous said...

Wah, yen ur sinful weekend post inspired me to do a lot of things hahaha...!!

I suggest u to fast of ur DVD oni... not TV... can? seems like ur DVD is leading u to no where... hahaha


deJelly said...

leadin' her no where??
just like meaningless talks?

tell me yap...
which of ur entertainment leads u somewhere?

Anonymous said...

my entertainment doesn't lead me to anywhere... but at least i gain happiness...

but chai yen different story.... she always oso cry wan.. haha watch watever DVD oso she cry...haha

Yen: maybe u shud watch more of chow sing chi show... see u laugh or u cry... hahha