Sunday, February 11, 2007

don't try to explain, it might just get worst


i had been going to his house so often to finish our OTH season 3 and 4. so much so that his parents ask chris "anything going on between them". so on his farewell in his house, i was supposed to do a toast to him so i prepared a speech which i thought was brilliant to explain myself.

sam, he is the kind of guy that every girls want. (wowwww... parents eyes nearly popped out)
he notices the new shoes or new top you wear and your new hair do
he makes sure you get to your car safely
he asks you "how are you?" and "what do you think?"
he is calm enough to handle any situation, that is why i like to work with him
he is there with the happening people yet he will see you that is not feeling too good at the side of the room
not to mention the part he won the asian young entreprenuer award and that his future is secured
he seems to win the hearts of everyone--the youth, the young adults and aunties
he is everything...

* BUT he is just not the kind of guy for me.

a toast to the man and the man you are going to be. am proud of you.

that punch line* of mine was supposed to come out nicely to ease the parents. things doesn't take place like how we always plan it. cause right at that moment i wanted to go into it* one very smart person need to say this "he is so good, you marry him le". so my sentence* seems to just be a line i come up with to cover up. i didn't dare to look at the parents to see if they fainted. i felt so horrible after that speech. but who cares he is leaving and we both know very much the kind of people we like. hope this new entry find you safe and sound in that new land. so now... i am left with only one bald guy.



deJelly said...

la la la la la

= )

TheDugong said...


i cant believe someone ask you to marry him and spoil the whole speech.. chia lat..

TheDugong said...

btw, dan = me, dugong.. something wrong with your display thing. =P

chaiyen said...

yes. some smart fella.

Felix :O) said...


Sam said...

To a blessing and an inspiration.

Thank you.

Will see you in a year's time, take care and never stop loving the way you do.


Philip Tan said...