Sunday, October 01, 2006


love is said to be one pleasure and a thousand sufferings. i'll rather let go of all my sufferings than to have that one pleasure.from the movie my boyfriend is type B

22-23 sept (sat-sun)
venue: penang
main topic: guys
highlights: the wedding, the girls talk by the beach at night, dim sum
the down: i lost my handphone

24-29 sept (mon-fri)
venue: singapore
main topic: boy girl relationships
highlights: wine at chijmes, the night drive, korean movie "my boyfriend is type B" and series "my 19 year old sister in law"
the down: i don't have enough time to finish my korean series i have to fast forward the last few cds

30 sept (sat)
venue: port dickson
main topic: what do ppl do in port dickson
highlights: journaling by the beach, bbq and beers
the down: it was cloudy so i can't do my tanning

things that occured in these 3 places:
1. people giving me a list of names of guys that i can consider. from their very own brother, to church members, to friends and friends i don't even know. surprisingly they all have quite good critireas.
2. beaches. i come to realise i don't mind having a house by the beach. i really like it.
3. crazy fellowship/company. certainly something i really missed.

it is quite a good holiday, i didn't really plan this but i guess the holidays just decided to come and find me. met a lot of ppl, new and not so new. glad i enjoyed myself with the new friends. with the old friends even more glad, after so long we can just pick up for where we last met.

a word from the man to the woman:
" i know to a woman they need to know 'i'm the woman you like most in this whole wide world' but feeling is not that important. you may not be the woman i like most, but you are the woman i have chosen to love and the only one i will devote my whole life to." (updated)

a word from the woman to the man:
"i don't want you to love me because of responsibility or commitment. i want you to love me because you still love me and finds me very attractive. anyway you can try but if i know i'm not the only one you love, you will have to go through quite a hell to make me feel secure."


Sam said...

Awesome to hear you had fun.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday.

Hehe, see you soon d=)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!! :)