Saturday, September 23, 2006

mix emotions

i am a bit drained out emotionally.

^ my friend just decided to break off with his bf. i accompanied her the whole time she was deciding, which is yesterday till the break off today. i didn't sleep much like her and i was pretty much sharing every questions that was going through her mind. the second in the group.
v another friend got pregnant. she is the second mummy in the group... wow.
^ going for a wedding tomolo
v not sure if she will be ok without me around the whole weekend.
^ he is finally treating me like a friend.
v why does he want to do 'that'?
^ going to singapore next week.
v i haven't finish some work. there are a lot i need to do in KL actually.

life is full of ups (^) and downs (v) but i don't expect so many in a day and these are the most drastic ones. i have a mix emotions for almost everything that is happening. weird.

thank God for everything that happen to us and yes most of all thank God for friendships.


Sam said...

Hope there are more ^ than anything else.


TheDugong said...

i will sure blog one.. a bit busy la. But thanx for encouraging.. hahah!