Tuesday, September 19, 2006

don't you ever walk away from me again

i feel for her because like every girl, she felt that her bf is not treating her the same - sentences get shorter, phone calls get lesser, doesn't want to bring her out.

i feel for her because like every girl she asked "is there something wrong? do you want to talk about it?"
after hearing her i concluded it is true, i have never hear a guy tells his gf i have lost the feeling for you, can we do something about it. never. the girl always has to be the one that feels it and bring it up and then the guy will tell you things like "yah i think so there is a problem but i don't really know how to tell you." especially for girls that think a lot, there have to figure out for the rest of their life what did i do wrong. worst still to suffer the not-good-enough syndrom. so pls guys bring up your issue when you have it.

i feel for her because she can actually says this "if i never bring it up maybe we wouldn't end up in this stage now."
so is it true we need to be transparent in a relationship? if we girls are always the one that bring up the problems it seems like we are full of problems eventhough our intention is too iron things up.

i feel for her because i know his words can be hurtful now, even more because she still loves him.

i feel for her because there are friends that can actually add fuel to the situation as if it is not bad enough.

i feel for her because i know the ball is not in her court and she can't do anything about it.

i feel for her because when she lost her feelings for him, she gave him a chance to do something and now he is not opening himself.
why is it always so much easier when a guy loves a woman to win her heart over again than a woman to win back the heart of a man.

i feel for her because i remember days when guys queue up for her and now she has to be in a stage of courting a guy.

i feel for her because this stupid fella only decides to think like this now, stealing the best years of her life.
let me warn you guys not to drop a girl in their late 20s, unlike guys not many of them want to settle down after 30. the older they get, the more serious they take relationship.

i feel for her because she actually says if he is going to call it off i am going to tell him i'll wait.
i know a lot of you will say that is stupid but you don't know what love can make you do when you find that one that you believe is the one.

i am glad that i didn't say something stupid, that will hurt her even more. beginning to see light that surely everything happens for a purpose. when i hear her share today i nearly tear. what happen to the order of creation - guys pursuing girls? what happen to loving the person forever - for better or worst? what happen to those beautiful words - you complete me? i hear her but i know there is nothing that both of us can do. may God do what we all cannot do and knit these hearts together once again.

don't you ever walk away from me again, kate hudson from you me and dupree. that will be the perfect ending now.


retiredpainter said...

this is a post to make one tear.. where's my tissue..?

Anonymous said...

I feel for her too.

Anonymous said...

anonymous = shups!
Left my name, but it din come out leh :)

Anonymous said...

aiyo....cry clinic.....guys also got feelings also...muz remember tat too....


Sam said...

I wont walk away.

I'll run.

Haha, like how I run whenever they turn on.

chaiyen said...

turn what on... i don't understand sam?

yes, alvin guys have feelings. just feel free to tell me what it is when guys finally decide to share.