Tuesday, September 12, 2006

so many things at the back of my mind

finished my shoot at 2am. still remember when i left my house this morning, my eyes are already too tired to put on my lenses.

knee still painful. blood test showed that it is not a health problem. need to go for further check up. but don't have the cash to do it. need to plan that when i am free. it normally doesn't hurt for so long, it's about a week now.

the magazine still not done, and i know it will take forever to do that world map. i don't even feel like starting on it.

meeting a new client tomorrow or wednesday, my goodness i can't even remember what she said to me but i think i am not going to take that job. i really don't feel like it.

keep reminding myself not to stress my laptop too much because my mac was in comma over the weekend. i really didn't know what to do because the whole magazine layout is inside that hard disk. but thank God the service centre managed to recover back most of my things.

still thinking what God is teaching me even these few days. people. people. people.

need to plan my penang trip end of the month. going down for may and ky vern's wedding.

trying to make time to go to singapore. to meet people and get some money from my singapore account.

got facial appointment this thursday.

since he took my number to make sure we figure our way home on friday. she asked me today "did he call you?", yah that makes me wonder why he didn't call.
why am i not sleeping yet because i got a lot of things on my mind and i need to unwind before i go to bed.


Sam said...

Sleep well.

Pauleon said...

backup your hard disk.

Jon Ng said...

must ZZzzzz....U work tooooo hardddddd

chaiyen said...

pimples are bursting out on my face.

ulcers all over my mouth.

eye bags are revealing itself.

gosh i need to be pretty, must sleep, must sleep... :)

blurred esh said...

be coffeexified..!!

remember that there's always time to enjoy the sweet aroma of coffee and to indulge in the taste of coffee.. even in the midst of the craziness around

coffeexified..! ;o)


drink lots of water and fruits. rest well..

my hardisk wore out about 2.5 years after i bought my PB, changed a new one already..so if the age of your laptop is approaching that range, remember to save your stuff in external hdrive or smtg.. hehe..

chaiyen said...

my hard disk is ok. it was because i was doing too many things. it hanged and i forced it to restart. i corrupted the system.

retiredpainter said...

wa.. bet i can fry an egg on your overheated laptop ya... take care (both u & laptop!)

Anonymous said...

get some rest my friend...