Tuesday, September 05, 2006

please wait

3.00 i went to the clinic outside my house. he refered me to sunway medical centre.
3.20 i went to sunway medical centre.
3.25 i parked my car.
3.30 i walked to the information counter. i gave her the refered letter from the clinic. she directed me to the emergency ward.
3.35 i asked the nurse at the emergency ward counter. she told me to go to the information counter. i told her that is where i came from. she took a look at my letter and send me to the first floor.
3.40 i went up to the counter on first floor. she directed me to counter 1.
3.45 i walked over to the direction she pointed and the nurse at the counter said there is no counter 1, this is counter 2 she said. "fine, so do i register here?". i showed her the letter. she gave me a form to register. she asked me: "do you want to see a chinese, indian or malay doctor?" (later i came to understand it wasn't a racist thing, it helps for those who can't communicate in other language)
3.50 i was told to wait.
4.15 i am still waiting. i checked the room of the doctor, it was opened. he is not inside. i checked with the nurse, he was checking on a patient at the ward.
4.50 the doctor is back. finally. one patient went in.
4.55 he is out, ok that is fast. the next guy went in. i cannot stop laughing, "wow wait for him longer than see him".
5.00 "wong chai yen"... yes that is my name. i went in quickly. he kept asking me stuff about my knee. he told me a lot of stuff that i don't understand. "ok go and take your blood test, we can only comfirm what it is when the result is out."
5.05 the nurse right outside his office collected RM80 from me for his consultation fee. then she told me go over there to get your medicine and pay the balance.
5.10 just when you thought the waiting is over. "please take your number".
5.30 pay for registration fee and medicine RM140. "please wait for your name to be called to get your medicine."
5.35 i didn't care... i just walked to the medicine area, pointed to those tablets. "that is my name, can i take that and go take my blood test."
5.37 i went to ground floor. asked someone there. "oh blood test lower ground floor."
5.40 "please wait."
5.50 "wong chai yen". i look at the needle, man i had not seen a needle for quite a while. i am actually quite scared so i consoled myself, "look somewhere... it will be fine... like the way an ant bite you."
5.55 i successfully walked out of the hospital.
6.15 i am home.

RM80 for 5 minutes of jargon = RM16 per minute,
RM50 for 10 pills = RM5 for each pill,
RM75 for the blood test and lab work - great i have to pay RM75 for donating my O+ blood,
RM10 for the registration paper - according to my printing experience RM15 can print the whole registration book, so i just paid for half of it.

i don't normally go to the doctor. the most i can remember was when i was a bit overworked at page one. i need to see the doctor to get a mc when i don't feel like working. now that i am a freelancer, i don't need it anymore.

no wonder i don't see the doctor when i get sick. if i am having a fever, i rather sleep through the time of waiting. if i have a flu all the people in the hospital will be infected before i can see the doctor. if i am bleeding i think i will be dead by the time the doctor see me. anyway what's my problem, my knee swell again. why? oh the doctor said he can only tell after my blood test is out. so that he can see me again and this whole thing can repeat itself.


TheDugong said...

kesian... jumpa doctor is sooo mafan.. better stay at home smoke weed, drink beer and read bible.. heheheh.. :D.. erm.. scratch the first two then..

Jon Ng said...

i say smoke weed, drink beer, dip urself into the pool and read bible....u'll have instant cure for going against the nature of paying docs for consultations...haha. SOrry these don't make sense at all....I would rather stay at home and smoke weed then get well....no money to see doc arrrrrrrr

chaiyen said...

yahh i am now contemplating if i should go and collect my blood test result on saturday but i guess it only make sense i go right :)