Tuesday, October 10, 2006

it is your day, guys!

throughout this time, i was hoping that some guys will drop some comments to explain themselves. the part of them that i never understand. but i guess they will never, just like in an arguement... their silence is the one that kills us. yet maybe it is this beauty that allows man and woman to live together.

to you man that is so humble not to voice out the better side of yours.

hope this releases the burden you had been carrying for so many years.

not sure if all you girls agree with the contents but maybe we shall learn not to speak for once.


Anonymous said...

interesting reading the article from the links but it's abit unfair for the women.

it always take two hands to clap. not very right to judge who tends to love more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chai Yen,

Man are unique in nature and they are created for good reasons. Women also unique in in they own way. We don't show our emotions very much yet we also have feelings. I have no comments abt the article on that links. We just different in certain way.