Wednesday, October 25, 2006

young and dangerous


i am back.

18th oct (wed)
- we went out for yam cha at tanjung mamak. kelvin dropped by to join us

19th oct (thu)
- we went for dinner at laundry

20th oct (fri)
- we went out for lunch, she managed to pursuade me to join her for manicure
- we met up with anna for dinner, she introduced some guy friends to us. look who is more worried

21st oct (sat)
- we were too bored when we woke up in the morning. so we packed our bags and left for the south at 2pm.
- we headed for malacca for 'satay babi'
- we received an sms from a friend "feel like poppy tonight?". argghhh he smsed... reluctantly we replied "we'll join you when we get back"
- we crossed the singapore custom at 7pm
- we went to toast box for peanut butter toast... yummy!
- we make our way to st james power house. 'the crowd is not cool at all but the place is really nice', we should have gone to MOS (Ministry of Sound)
- we went to her aunt's place to stay over. i stayed up to watched my korean series goong

22nd oct (sun)
- we made our return to vivocity (such a nice building) even the food court looks cool. got our make up sets, enjoyed the big open space and the beautiful view of sentosa
- we both went our separate ways, i headed back to bukit batok and finished my korean series

23rd oct (mon)
- we made our way to takashimaya foodcourt for my tako pachi. yummy!
- we quickly moved to fareast for more shopping
- we needed to be at IMM for our 2 dollar shop. we really enjoyed our dinner at pepper lunch.

24th oct (tue)
- we went straight to jb for 'kuay tiaw kia'. another yummy!
- we stopped by at justin's place for his bbq birthday party. great fun to be playing poker in a wide open area, eating overburned chicken wing and seeing jason's baby sleep comfortably in my arm

*we = steph and i.
she is my best friend since secondary school. always grow up having a sister and a best friend prettier than me, but it is good because i will always know that the guy that likes me did not choose me because of my look. anyway i found out from this trip, we have extreme opposite choice of taste... so yahh we will never fall for the same guy.

we had been spending too much time together. we had talked about everything under the sun.
1. guys - what they are thinking, the one, the past and future
2. God - churches, salvation, end times
3. dreams and purpose, movies, songs, babies

a guy made this statement "so both of you are trying les now?" no! no way... we will always like guys :)

i really enjoyed having her around again, to share our deepest secrets and our hearts that no one wants to hear anymore. we know what a long way we both had walked. really glad i have her to share this season of my life. i guess this is a happy blog entry. if that is what you are looking for, you should stop reading here.
"talk, just talk. talk about anything. doesn't matter if it doesn't interest me." He cannot bear being alone with his thought. it was too painful.
truman capote from the movie capote

sorry, i cannot stand not being honest with how i feel.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chai Yen,

I'm glad you had your holidays. Reading your article really interesting. Do enjoy your life and appreciate the things that you have.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

u can't beat me n 'my' steph - 18 yrs wahaha! but u've met 'my' steph, so now i muz meet 'ur' steph, hmm... hahahah

retiredpainter said...

haha!! let's gather round a sq table one day for mahjong - all 4 of us.

chaiyen said...

yah we shall meet. bangkok again? january?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chai Yen,

It's been such a wonderful moment spending time throughout the last few months with you. It's also been one of the greatest season in my life. I will always be there for you (just buzz me)

Let's continue to bring this friendship to next level!!!

p/s: Remember... Our taste toward guys are different. So, no conflict ;)