Thursday, September 21, 2006

not just another love story

i don't really allow myself to get into ash/christabel grand passion kind of thing. jealousy, obsession, all that, not anymore. he said
you are lucky then - it all get so self tangled. she said

i really like this movie possession a lot.

is it the poetry?

is it the promises?

is it because gwyneth paltrow and aaron eckhart are both so good looking?

is it the letters?

is it the ending?

i really don't know. maybe because i am a viewer this time round. it is really nice for once you get to know what the two lovers are thinking - the unsaid words that are only found on the pages of their diaries and the unsent/unreceived letters.

i have quite a lot archieved too. hhmmm maybe someone can make a movie for me. maybe you will find some letters i should had received too. if you still have anything you want to tell me pls don't bring it to me only when i am in my grave.

i cannot let you be burned nor can i resist you. no mere human can stand in a fire and not be consumed.


retiredpainter said...

I am guilty of this I admit. Keep/Discard things I wrote from the heart from the supposed recipients.

Sometimes it's merely forgetfulness. Other times, there's juz a need to withhold such words. Say for instance, I really wanted to tell Mr X about xxxxxxx but such words r gona hurt him. Or I needed Mr X to know I still feel strongly for him but he's gone ahead w life or is already w someone else.

Perhaps sometimes circumstances simply does not permit us to say juz as we feel or please.

I don't know. But that's me.

chaiyen said...

what you have things not said.

anyway may God gives wisdom to what meant to be said and not.