Friday, September 15, 2006

are you in love?

remember those times you are guessing if you are in love. at some point it is "just friends". at some other point you know that it is more than that. you are definitely in love if you are thinking of someone now and checking if you match any of the symptoms below.

you know you are in love if:
1. you always want him to be the first to know.

*you feel super horrible if he doesn't share the same feelings as you. (okie guys are blur)

2. you call him when you are in trouble and secretly hopes that he comes and rescue you.
*you feel a bit disappointed if he doesn't show up. (okie guys are blur again)

3. you say you are not tired to talk eventhough you are dead tired. (suddenly revived)
*you feel rejected when you call him and he says he is tired. (okie understand that he is just honest!)

4. you say you are tired to go out but when he calls, you suddenly become free. (suddenly revived again)
*you just don't want to meet anyone that just called you out. (okie girls are not very honest)

5. you actually cancel appointments so that you are free to go out with him.
*to be ffk-ed by him after that will be super horrible. (okie he never asks me to do that)

6. you actually keep valentine's day, birthday and special days free so that he can ask you out.
*you might end up feeling more lonely than ever if he doesn't call. (right, i should have plan something and play hard-to-get)

7. you always remember the things he mentions and get them for him.
*you will be a bit disappointed if he tells you, "oh you use it yourself. i got them already." (okie no one ask me to get it)

8. you want to watch again the most romantic movie you just watch, with him. if not at least get him to watch it.
*you will be mad if he watches it with another girl. (right, who tells you to tell him what is romantic?)

9. you make sure you look good everytime you see him. even if you only have a possible chance of seeing him.
*you will be so sad if he keeps looking at other girls on the street. (yes, even if i dress like them you won't say anything)

10. you know it when you keep telling other ppl about him.
*sometimes you will be the last to know you are in love. but everyone knows including him. (great! how embarassing)

that is how you know he likes you too. i guess sometimes why you don't feel that you are loved that is because you don't see these things happen anymore after you start courting.

* does happen. but if * happens too often, know that he doesn't likes you. if you still like him.... you have just gone to the greatest level of love. i don't know if i should congratulate you or sent my condolences to you :)

this period of guessing can be up (you think he likes you) and down (you think he doesn't). it can be tiring but i think i prefer this time than not having anyone that i can guess. life is always more interesting when you are in love. eventhough he is not yours.

btw i am not so tired now. i woke up in the middle of the night and i can't go back to sleep. so that is why you get this entry. i can't really blog things like that when i am tired. i wonder why? btw i find pleasure writing things like that. hmm is this a new gift.


Anonymous said...

MSN is acting up I cant get back online.... good article though :)

Sam said...

Are you in love?

Anonymous said...

U are so right sometimes. :-)

chaiyen said...

thanks, robin and anonymous mei.

sam, i had been in love too many times to know this. well either crush or real, you will feel that hehe.

Felix :O) said...

interesting one... pretty amusing too.