Monday, June 30, 2008


this happened a few days ago, i cant forget the incident i mind as well blog it. i think it is God when cute guys keep banging into my car. yah i still remember my christmas eve incident and the text message that followed after. but somehow i was a bit angry this time as i marched out of the car, i started screaming before i even see the driver. i have to admit, the anger left as soon as he came out from his car. ohhh tall, dark, handsome. as cliche as it sounds like, he looks familiar i think i saw him somewhere before. but i tried to put back on my fierce look and make sure i get his ic number and contacts. im not going to let him off just for his hot look, im going to look totally shallow if i do. so i need to pretend im not coz that's not attractive.

he told me something along the line that he forgotten his IC today. i cant remember exactly what happened, somehow he managed to make me follow him home. as soon as we reached his place. i make sure i looked annoyed having to follow him around. i marched after him into his house. he didnt say anything and walk straight into his room. i wasnt sure if im suppose to follow right in but i stopped at his door which he left opened. he was sitting by his keyboard next to his bed, he invited me to sit next to him and he started playing and i was totally swept off my feet. then i remembered, he is philip wang. see i told you i know this guy. but the terrible part is that is also the same moment i realised it is just a dream. i knew it, cute guys dont just 'happen' to appear in your life like that.

i swear i had not been watching his videos the last few days :)

had been looping since i visited biling's blog: always be my baby, david cook


Anonymous said...

Chaiyen WOng! U had me for a while... i actually gasped at your story until u said it's only a dream...

- _____________ -'''

chaiyen said...

yes i do wish it was real, hahahhhh